KOH SAMUI – Thailand …. act I

backpack adventure, Buddhism, Thailand

Who knows me, also knows what Samui means for me , knows how much I always keep it in my hearth , knows how much it enlightens my sight and heats my hearth when I talk about it. I have waited until now talking about itmaybe because I am jealous about it, maybe because it […]

24 February 2018

SALUTATION TO THE SUN – surya namaskar – from a yoga neophyte

bali, Buddhism, indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, yoga

  After speaking about breathtaking indonesian sunsets (HERE )  I would like to tell you about a yogic  practice that always fascinates me and which takes its name from the sun: Surya Namaskar , from sanskrit “surya” sun and “namaskar” salutation … what does it have in common with Asia? Let’s do a step behind. I […]

19 January 2018

Thai-Viet 2018

backpack adventure, Thailand, Vietnam

2018 dream starts now, we’ve bought flight ticket towards Thailand…the starting point of our 2018 asian adventure. I’ll update this post each time that I will add a piece to our puzzle. On the right side you can find the official countdown…travel with us staying on your armchair because the real travel starts from there. […]

16 January 2018


Buddhism, Thailand

Buddhism is the one thing I like most about Asia but this subject is so much great and complicated and I’m not a master in it.So I decided that, at the moment, I’ll tell you as better as I can , only a few tips I discovered on a book misteriously found abandoned in a […]

27 December 2017