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In these cold rainy winter days , the most heart heating memory is that of the indonesian island Gili Air. Gili islands are a little 3 islands archipelago real close to the bigger Lombok and to the mother island Bali. Each one has its own features but they all have in common the fact that they don’t admit motor vehicles on their roads. We’ve been to Gili Air , someone says the most wild one…we haven’t been on the other two so I will talk only about Air.


You can reach the island after a very short boat trip from Lombok…a real cool trip…even if Lombok and Air are so close they are as different as the day and the night.


To the busy Lombok, Air answers showing its lazy mood. As soon as you will touch its soil…no, wait a moment, I don’t want to let you unprepared. The first thing you will touch it’s not its soft soil but its hot waters because the small boats will leave you directly on the shore, it doesn’t exist a real port as a sign that here nature and its rhythms rule and you are only  a not invited host .



Anyway, as soon as you will reach the island you will immediately understand that here stillness reigns, omnipresent  cars and motorbikes’s sounds are a faraway memory. You can visit this small island renting a bike, on horse barrows or simply on foot in something like half an hour. There is no asphalted road and will notice immediately that there are horses everywhere but no sign of their smelly transition. Island people love so much their land that they have invented a strange thing collecting poop before it falls down…I know, it’s not a romantic matter. There is a really relaxed atmosphere , you will find so many young people and a little more old families too. Fundamental activity is snorkeling and diving , immediately followed by shameless laziness.



We booked the hostel on line ( do you remember I told you about our terrible mistake in the Indonesian adventure leaving improvisation apart …HERE ) and we obviously left it the day after. During our horse riding around the island we found a marvelous place directly on the beach called Sapari’s where, after a short bargaining, we obtained a ridiculous price for a little room facing the swimming pool on one side and the sea on the other. On the Island you will find so many restaurants suitable for any taste, the sea is clear light blue and it will catch your sight and never let it go even when you will go back home.


You will have the marvelous opportunity to bath with big turtles in the open sea, after a short boat trip  they will take you where these big carapaces unmolested live .


Life here goes on relaxed and the central moment of the day is no doubt the sunset. We saw the most breathtaking sunset we’ve ever seen. They follow a sort of rite and you’ll be part of it. When the day goes to the end , before the sun goes away to let its place to the moon, they put a lot of soft seats towards the sea, facing where the sun slowly disappears behind Bali coloring the sky with thousands of shadows.


Candles on the sand, relaxing music, fresh fruit cocktails, all these fulfill heart and soul. I believe that this show is worthy the travel and the gastroenteritis that kept me to bed for 5 days…pay attention to salad !!!


Le candele sulla sabbia, la musica rilassante, i cocktails di frutta fresca riempiono il cuore e l’anima. Credo che questo spettacolo valga il viaggio e la gastroenterite che mi ha tenuta a letto per 5 giorni…attenzione all’insalata !!!






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