KOH SAMUI – Thailand …. act I

backpack adventure, Buddhism, Thailand / Saturday, February 24th, 2018


Who knows me, also knows what Samui means for me , knows how much I always keep it in my hearth , knows how much it enlightens my sight and heats my hearth when I talk about it. I have waited until now talking about itmaybe because I am jealous about it, maybe because it never seems to me to be the right moment or just because there are so many things I would like to talk about this marvelous island that I didn’t have the courage to start…but now I’m ready to introduce you Koh Samui.


Koh Samui is located in the Thailand Gulf near sisters islands Koh Phangan and Koh Taoand it is possible to reach it flying, by train and boat or bus and boat…unuseful to say it but we tried each one . Despite the fastest means is obviously by plane from Bangkok, the train-boat experience is absolutely to try. You can arrive in Surat Thani from Bangkok with a comfortable train and you can continue with speed boats which  connective land to the island frequently during the day. In this case you can choose between different companies with a price directly proportional to they speed (more moneys more speed). Samui’s airport is a tiny airport situated almost in the center of the island not well connected by public transport, you will be forced to use a taxi. Opposite situation with the four ports where you will not have any problems jumping on a songthaew, an open bus that will take you everywhere. I don’t give so much details because you will find all you need to afford your trip on the Lonely Planet. I wouldn’t’t be  exhaustive so I prefer to talk about emotions and experiences.


I loved Samui from the first  time we arrived here in 2005…I know , I hear it always , I know it is not the Samui from the seventies, I know that tourism changed it deeply but I find it marvelous anyway. On this island you will find anything you are looking for, fun and quiet, breathtaking sea and luxuriant outback, food for any taste, spirituality and transgression , everything condensed on a small portion of 200 square kilometers land that you can visit on a rented scooter.



When you will be on the island you will find plenty of accommodation , you will have only to choose the area. Despite Chaweng is the most touristic area  , I love it. It offers any budget accommodations , it has a wonderful beach , a warm quiet clear sea, food for any taste and anything else you’ll need. Chaweng develops itself around a main street where you’ll find restaurants, hostels, shops… the rowdy life of this island.


The perfect means to explore Koh Samui is the scooter that you can rent everywhere . You will hear that it’s dangerous… it is as dangerous as in Turin or Milan, you will have to pay the same attention. But if you don’t feel to be a clever driver you can use collective busses or taxies, you will not have to look for them because as in all Thailand they will find you. I don’t suggest you the bicycle if you don’t are professional cyclists because the island is full of hills.



What does this dream island offers?…no, I don’t tell you now, as said at the beginning I only want to solicit your curiosity , we will talk more next time, a piece at a time, now close your eyes and listen to the sea hypnotic sound … STAY TUNED…

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