SALUTATION TO THE SUN – surya namaskar – from a yoga neophyte

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After speaking about breathtaking indonesian sunsets (HERE )  I would like to tell you about a yogic  practice that always fascinates me and which takes its name from the sun: Surya Namaskar , from sanskrit “surya” sun and “namaskar” salutation … what does it have in common with Asia?

Let’s do a step behind. I will tell you as a very curious neophyte, what I have found with no exhaustive claim, just friends’s small talk and nothing else. Yoga (another sanskrit word) find its origins from India and denotes meditative and ascetic practices to reach spiritual salvation . We can find it in oriental religions and philosophies as Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism (wikipedia docet).


…why would I like to talk about Yoga? I discovered it some years ago and I deeply falled in love with it. Fundamental role has my teacher… I don’t like to call her teacher because I think it’s too reductive, yoga is something you don’t  learn , you discover it and it enters inside you , it helps you to see things in a different manner. Maybe it helps you to see the world in an oriental manner, in an apparent fatalistic way where determination, steadlness and perseverance takes to the desired result and when this doesn’t happen it helps you to accept what happens in the best way…this is the spiritual part which expects a fundamental practical part, a physical activity with asana (positions) and pranayama ( breathing).

Salutation to the sun is one of the most common yoga practice and it has a devotional aim toward the sun, fundamental element for life, but also healthy aim for who practices it regularly because it massages internal organs, it extends breathing and stretches muscles. Experts say that if you want to take the maximum advantage you have to practice at sunrise.

Ok, let’s try it. This practice is composed by 12 asana to repeat twice for a complete cycle…would you like to try? So let’s go, above you can see the asana and below you can see the spiritual meaning:

1)OM MITRAYA NAMAHA I bow to Him who is lovely to all

2) OM RAVAYE NAMAHA  I bow to Him who is cause of changing 

3) OM SURYAYA NAMAHA  I bow to Him who induces to activity

4) OM BHANAVE NAMAHA   I bow to Him who spreads light  

5) OM KHAGAYA NAMAHA  I bow to Him who moves in the sky

6) OM PUSNE NAMAHA  I bow to Him who feeds all

7) OM HIRANVAGARBHAYA NAMAHA   I bow to Him who contains all

8) OM MARICAYE NAMAHA  I bow to Him who has rays

9) OM ADITYAYA NAMAHA   I bow to Him who is God of Gods

10) OM SAVITRE NAMAHA  I bow to Him who produces everything  

11) OM ARKAYA NAMAHA  I bow to Him who is made to be loved

12) OM BHASKARAYA NAMAHA   I bow to Him who is cause of splendor

…a real ode to the sun to find inside and outside us…



On line you will surely find more complete descriptions than mine about  everything concerns yoga, nevertheless I wanted to give you a little sample of something which makes me love this corner of the world. Unfortunately in our busy life practicing regularly yoga would be a dream because in western culture we are not used to find little time to cultivate ourselves but we should repeat as a mantra a sentence by Iyengar (famous yoga master , amongst the first who took it in western cultures):

“Body’s rhythm, mind’s melody and soul’s harmony create life’s symphony”

namastè…we’ll talk about it next time…




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