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Many times people ask me how I organize our travels. I could get in the chair and pontificate on the perfect backpacker’s organization but…I would lie knowing I’m doing it. I never followed a precise scheme or made a list to tick (I tried several times but I always gave up), I never trusted on guru travel blogger ( maybe sometimes I should have done). In the reality I always follow a different inspiration and mostly trust on fate  , be it a good price flight , an interesting television program about some place which attract my attention, or sentimental reason ( for example this year we’ll go back to Vietnam for the third time).

It often happens that around December/January , when Asia absence starts to be urgent, I start my  pilgrimage on  Skyscanner looking for any possible flight combination direction Asia. When I find a good combination I start my film, I start my planning on   Lonely Planet  and on pc traveling from one blog to the other, travel reports and official tourist informations about that places we intend to visit. This is the skeleton on which our travel start  to take shape, rather this is the  start point of our travel because starting to plan is as already being there.



Nevertheless we have some firm points from which we never move. First of all our travel has to please everyone so we plan the first part of the  trip on a more “cultural” way, we visit cities, historical sites, museums, parks (I spoke about them in some articles  FOR EXAMPLE HERE). We usually choose the stops before leaving just to have a journey idea with a logical background but we don’t disqualify changes (improvisation is our faithful companion!). Second stable point in our travels is the sea, the second part of our journey is dedicated to the sea and in this case too we choose it from home but if when we arrive the weather is awful we simply change. Last stop of the journey is , usually, the big city from where we leave Asia to come back in Italy and there we have some shopping.


Let’s do a practical example. This summer we would like to go back in Vietnam, so this is our starting point. Some days ago I started to look for cheap flight combinations.After some thousands of simulations , the most advantageous seems to be a flight to Bangkok in Thailand and a low cost flight from Bangkok to Hanoi in Vietnam.


What do I like about this combination?


First of all I like the price, since we are four we have to stay under 500€. Leaving time is perfect because leaving from Milan at late night means sleeping most of the travel; stop in Muscat is really short so you have time to change flight without wandering around the airport to the exhaustion; return flight schedule is good too because considering you have to be at the airport at least 2 hours before flying, the flight is sufficiently late to let you arrive by public transport because they work from 6 am… I would say it has a lot of positive features (remember that usually the price you see is not the final price, you have to add some euros depending on the card you use to pay).


Now we are looking for a good flight to Hanoi, it is a real short travel and we can choose from a lot of low cost flight companies. The average price is around 40/50 €.

During this travel we wouldn’t like to take so many flights so we’ll probably go on to Ho Chi Minh in the south by train with two or three intermediate stops finishing the cultural part of our journey ( do you remember about the article about means of transport ?You can find it HERE).

We would like to spend the not cultural part on the Cambodian island of Koh Rong…we only have to understand how to reach it.


Here stops the first act, I will keep you updated…



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