How to Know if a Thai Woman Likes You

It can be hard to tell if a Thai woman likes you because they may express themselves in more subtle ways than Western women. Apart from Thailand’s notorious sex workers and ladyboys, “normal” Thai women are generally conservative and not as touchy and flirtatious as, say, Filipinas (generalization, of course, but for comparison). But if you pay attention to the right signs, you can get good at knowing when a Thai girl likes you.

If a Thai woman asks you personal questions and is touchy and chatty with you, these are good signs that she may like you. If she buys you small gifts, introduces you to her friends and family, and talks about you on her Facebook page, these are all positive indicators of her interest. But keep in mind that flattery and actual interest can be hard to distinguish in Thailand. Let’s dig deeper.

Thailand is a country where social interactions can be subtle and difficult for Westerners to interpret. This part is pretty similar to Asian countries like Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore. Read on to find specifics on how to know when a Thai girl is actually interested in you.


Conversation patterns with Thai women

If your conversations with a Thai woman move past the small talk stage and into personal histories, thoughts, and ideas, this shows you’re starting to get intimate. It’s also a step past the usual politeness of regular chit-chat.

A particular sign that a Thai girl likes you is if she asks you personal questions like:


  • “How many brothers and sisters do you have?”
  • “Do you have any children?”
  • “How often do you see your parents?”


  • “Do you have a girlfriend/wife?”
  • “How many girlfriends have you had?”
  • “Have you ever had a Thai girlfriend?”

Future thoughts

  • “Are you planning to stay in Thailand?”
  • “Do you want to go back to [your country]? … When?”

She’s asking you these sorts of questions because she’s sizing you up for a serious relationship. Thais are used to men passing through their country. And if they’ve been in a relationship, they’re used to those men heading home or just flitting off to the next stop on their trip.

If she likes what she hears from you, you can expect her to open up and tell you more about herself. And when she tells you about her family, relationships, and plans, chances are even higher that she likes you.

If a Thai Woman Involves Other People

Thai society places great importance on family. Nearly all Thai people have very close relationships with their families. So if the Thai lady you’re interested in asks you to meet members of her family, take that as a sign of interest. It suggests that she’s introducing you to her family as her potential partner. But she also needs to know what others think.

Some of the most common ways this happens are:

  • She’ll bring her sister or a female relative as a chaperone when she meets with you. This means she sees your meeting as a date. And she’s serious enough about you to look for a second opinion from someone close to her. You might find it a bit weird or you might fret that you’re not taking her home that day, but just roll with it and be yourself (unless yourself is a foul-mouthed drunk).
  • She’ll invite you out to dinner or for drinks with members of her family. This means she’s bringing you into her life as a potential partner. Don’t confuse this with the common “my daughter is going abroad as a nurse and I want you to meet her” scam. This is a girl you already know. Just make sure it’s a place you’re comfortable going to, and not some dodgy out-of-the-way place in the province.
  • She’ll have you over for a meal with her parents. This would come after a few dates. Any earlier and it’s a bit fishy. Most likely, though, you’re in for some amazing Thai food unlike what you’ve had in restaurants.
  • She may have you meet her kids. Many Thai women have children at a young age, and not always by choice. Be honest that you’re OK with this, though. Don’t string her along.

The same rules apply, but to a lesser extent, if she invites you to meet her friends.

One thing to keep in mind here. Befriending or being seen with a Westerner can in some countries be a way of gaining face or social status. But that’s less common in Thailand, so unless she’s quite young and sees you as a teacher/father figure, it’s likely a sign she likes you and wants you in her life.



Your Thai Girl’s Social Media Use

Social media is very important to Thais. The country ranks 8th in the world for total Facebook users. Basically, all Thais other than older folks or very poor folks use social media, a lot.

If she adds you as a friend or contact on social media – most likely Facebook or LINE in Thailand – this is a good sign she likes you, but you’ll need more definite signals. If she starts to interact with you on social media in the following ways, then she’s indicating that she likes you:

  • Sharing photos of you together shows she wants people seeing you as a couple. She’s showing you off. You, by the way, should be careful with this if you’re seeing other girls or don’t want to be seen in a boyfriend frame yet. So be careful with this.
  • Tagging you in posts and sharing memes, jokes, and news is a sign that she thinks of you even when she isn’t with you.
  • A Thai girl chatting online with you is usually a signal that she likes you. But be warned, if you start on this, be ready to chat A LOT. Thais average use of social media is over 3 hours a day, every day. That’s the average. So a young lady is quite likely to be on the high side of that. Manage expectations unless you want her to start treating you like her other chat buddies.

Physical Signals

Women all over the world have similar ways of showing interest. It’s generally the same with Thai women, but some aspects of Thai culture make these indicators a little trickier to read.

You can tell that a woman is attracted to you when she does things like moving closer to you, touching you, playing with her hair and neck, laughing a lot, making eye contact, and pointing her whole body toward you. But be aware of the following:

Public displays of affection

Thais are reserved in displaying affection in public since it’s seen as impolite, particularly by the older generations. This means that if a Thai woman you know sits very close to you or repeatedly touches you in conversation, she’s rising above this social taboo. It’s a very good sign that she’s interested in you. But if a girl you meet in a bar does this, this rule doesn’t necessarily apply. They could be a drunk, a scammer, or a ladyboy. Use some common sense here.


Thais are typically quite shy and reserved, especially in public. Often you will find that you have to initiate contact and conversation with a Thai woman. If the opposite is the case and she’s the one to drive lengthy, laughter-filled conversations involving personal history and thoughts then it’s likely she’s into you.



Jealousy among Thais

Your potential Thai girlfriend may show signs of jealousy toward your female friends and acquaintances. But Thailand is, by some accounts, the most unfaithful nation in the world, with just 44% of Thais staying faithful to their partners.

Thai men are particularly likely to be unfaithful, and taking a mia noi or minor wife, is not uncommon in Thai culture. Because of this, you can expect a Thai girl to show signs of jealousy. It’s not uncommon for her to do things like check your phone messages or show up unexpectedly to check up on you. It can be annoying, but it’s just a kind of due diligence, and it’s a sure sign that a Thai woman likes you.

Gifts from a Thai Woman

If a Thai woman buys you a gift, that means she’s thinking about you when you’re not there. And this is a good sign that she’s interested in you. Gifts are often small things like sunglasses, market-bought food, a t-shirt or something you may have mentioned in passing.

Thai culture revolves around food, so much so that “Gin khao yang?” or “Did you eat yet?” is one of the most common greetings.

So if a Thai woman brings you home-cooked pad thai or gang massaman, this is good news relationship-wise. It’s good news taste bud-wise, too! If you like things spicy.

Finances and Thai Ladies

If a Thai woman seems obsessed with your finances, then perhaps this isn’t good news. It’s no secret that certain Thai women target Western men purely out of interest in their wallets. If you find that the topic of conversation keeps returning to money, especially if she spins you sob-stories that need immediate funds, then you might just be getting ripped off.

The old “sick water buffalo” story has only become a cliché because it’s been used so often.

But, if you don’t mind paying, it is a solid sign that she’s interested in having a relationship with you.

How to Be Sure She Likes You

There are lots of benefits to dating or even marrying a Thai woman. Over time, you’ll be able to use all of the indicators outlined to build up a picture of how a Thai woman feels about you. Knowledge of the effects of Thai culture on how she acts with you will help you read her signals correctly.

As you look at how she acts when she’s in contact with you, in person or remotely, you will be able to decide whether or not a Thai woman likes you.

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