How to Find Good Condoms in Japan

Japan makes high-quality electronics, high-quality cookware, trains, you name it. High-quality condoms, too. But yeah, they can be on the tight side for some foreign men. The “average” condom varies by country. So if you’re going to be dating women in Japan, it helps to be realistic about your Johnson so you don’t wind up with a nasty spill.

Condoms are the most common type of contraception in Japan. The birth control pill and other methods are not as widely available as they are in other countries (long story – it has to do with governmental regulations – but that’s another story).

The point is, every smart, considerate, sexually active man knows how to use condoms. When you go to Japan, if you can’t read Japanese, it’s good to bring a supply of what you know works. If you can read a little or you have a trusted friend, then consider getting a larger size if your old man is thick or is over 5 inches, making sure you get latex, and bringing some water-based lube.

What’s wrong with Japanese condoms?

  • Japanese condoms range from thick to very thin. Some also have contours and others don’t. If you can’t read it and you don’t know what you’re getting, it’s a crap shot.
  • Japanese condoms often aren’t lubed and few have spermicidal lube. Again, if you can’t read it, you won’t know.
  • The non-contoured ones can be like wearing half a potato sack, half a Speedo.
  • Japanese condoms may break on Western men of average or above size. Which definitely kills the romance.
  • There’s a variety of materials. Don’t mess with sheepskin and potentially porous ones. And also…
  • Japanese condoms tend to run smaller than Western ones. You want the thing to fit snugly, but not to the point that it cuts off your circulation or is going to tear with a bit of friction.

So before you go to Japan, it would be worth your time to purchase a generous supply of your favorite brand of condoms and pack them in your luggage. Hide them in discreet places so you won’t have to feel sheepish if your bag gets searched by airport security. (Don’t worry – you don’t have to declare “how many condoms are in your luggage” when you go through customs.)

But if you do use Japanese condoms in Japan

If you do find yourself in Japan without a ready supply of condoms, you still have options:

  • Buy condoms at Condomania in Tokyo – this is a popular condom shop that carries Western brands.
  • Go to a chain drug store such as Matsumoto Kiyoshi, or any local one, and ask the sales staff to help you find the kondoomu. It’s better to ask a man working there because often the staff are part-time young women and it’s embarrassing for them. And of course they won’t know aaaaanything about them. If you need large ask, ooki no wa dore desuka? Don’t be a dumbass about it. Just act like you’re buying some shaving cream.
  • Ask your lady friend to help you – women often buy condoms in Japan because the men can have selectively short memories or just be, well, dicks about it.
  • Some brands of Japanese condoms will work perfectly well for you – experiment with some different sizes to find a good fit. But experiment before you do the deed.

As for your gaijin wiener and Japanese condoms

If your shlong is on the thinner or smaller side, don’t worry, you’ll be fine in Japan. As mentioned at the top, Japanese condoms are of very high quality. They are some of the best in the world. Brands like Okamoto aren’t well-known for nothing.

Warning: Do not ever use the condoms at love hotels. They are often cheap, of inferior quality, and sometimes (in rare cases) have been tampered with by previous customers. Love hotels are great fun, but their patrons range from couples to affairs to high school kids. If you think too hard about it, you may not go at all, but the good ones are a really good time. Just please don’t ever use the condoms unless it’s that or nothing at all.

Been there, done that. It is NOT fun!

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