What Do Thai Women in Phuket Think About Foreign Men? [a Thai woman’s honest view]

This article is written by a 40-ish Thai women who is a resident of Phuket. It has only been edited for English and the names are changed or removed.

Being a Thai women here in Phuket, finding foreign men to date is not an issue. In general, we women here find foreign men, especially those who choose to live here, are easy-going. That makes us feel comfortable being with you. We feel you’ll just like us how we are, naturally. But of course, there are a few things about which it’s sometimes hard to understand about foreign men. What we Thai women think might be different from what you guess. There are many benefits of being with a Thai woman. Maybe you’ll pick up something here.

  • We find foreign men in Phuket are easy-going and laid back, and at the same time, you introduce us to interesting new activities.
  • We like it that most foreign men we meet here will accept how we are naturally, and always be supportive.
  • We like it when foreign men express a lot of affection to us, but this can be a tricky part when dating someone new.
  • Some foreign men still judge us from their limited experiences with other Thai girls and that can make them treat us the wrong way.

Dating Thai women in Phuket is not complicated, we hope you won’t judge before you really get to know us and be honest with what you want and what you’re looking for in a date or relationship. This will help you relationships (and just your dates) go more smoothly. And that can lead to more success and maybe even getting married.

Thai women in Phuket find foreign men here are easy-going and introduce us to interesting new activities

We think foreign men who choose to live here want a nice lifestyle. They can spend the day on the beach in peace.

We feel relaxed and we’re at ease spending time with foreign men like this.



Among most foreign men I’ve dated and those in stories from other Thai women in Phuket, the men introduce us to new activities that allow us to have new experiences. This is great. It’s really something we wouldn’t have the chance to do if we dated Thai men. Things like sailing, surfing, or more extreme sports like rock climbing. Phuket has lots of outdoor activities like these available.

My ex-boyfriend, a French man, loved sailing. It was such a great experience for me to have the chance to be on a real sailing boat and spend the day in the ocean, not just on a boat for party or cruising.

One of my friends would go on a cycling trip once a month boyfriend from Switzerland.

These kinds of outdoor activities really keep you alive, active, and they help you maintain your healthy relationships very well. It’s great if you find your match that likes doing the same things.

Most foreign men in Phuket accept how we are naturally and they’re always supportive

Some Thai women think that they need to be perfect all the time to keep attention from men in general or from their partners. The media and advertising are a big part of what’s to blame for this.

They show whitening creams and idealized being thin.

Thai girls can be insecure if they’re not light-skinned or skinny, so some Thai women who live in Phuket may tell you they’ll never go to the beach before 6 p.m.



When I was younger, I had that problem too. When I got older and got some experience dating foreign men (Western men in this case), I found these men would encourage us to love and respect who and how we are.

I have learned this since, and I adopted a positive attitude to loving and respecting my body. But it doesn’t mean you can just let yourself go and he’ll still love you. I really like it that I was encouraged to take care of myself by exercising and eating well. But it was still OK to enjoy eating. I learned the key is keeping a good balance. Foreign men would still like me when I spent day on the beach and got tanned. They’d still like me that my body got some stretch marks, scars, or natural flaws on my face.

I’m not only talking about appearance here but also what we think and how we do things in life. One of my customers is a successful local businesswomen. We’re close and she told me about her English partner.

He’d never stop her from thinking differently when they discussed something. And he’d always support her business ideas by giving useful advice and encouraging her to pursue her dream.

We like it when foreign men express lots of affection, but it can be tricky when you’re starting to date

Your affection makes us feel important and content.

We love attention and it makes us feel loved. This can make a Thai woman love you. If you’re together or already married, it’s another story. For a new relationship, it can be different.

This is because, in Thai culture, we’re not so intimate in public or even in private for some couples. When a Thai girl has this experience with a foreign man, we feel something very special.

For some (innocent) girls, even just getting one kiss can lead her to already have visions of getting married. I’m serious.

If you’re just having a first or second date, expressing physical touch to a Thai girl is something you should think about carefully. It could just be your culture to touch each other a lot by hugging, kissing cheeks, etc.

But for some Thai girls, as I mentioned, it’s something special and it could lead to a misunderstanding. Think also about if you’re considering seeing her again.



Some foreign men judge us based on their limited experiences with other Thai women, and this leads to how they treat us

As a part-time job, I’d teach English to some Thai girls so they could better communicate with their foreign partners. One student was Oum, a lovely girl from Tak Province, who only spoke a few words of English. She’d just moved in with her Australian boyfriend and found he did some things that bothered her.

For example, one evening they were going out for a birthday dinner at one of their friends’ places.

During the day, he offered to take her to the local department store to buy some fake diamonds, just to wear for the evening. He thought it would be something a Thai girl would love to show off when they hung out with other Thai/foreigner couples.

When Oum asked “why” he did this, he said this was what other girls he’d lived with in the past liked. Of course, this isn’t just for Thai women in Phuket – women anywhere would be offended by this type of assumption.

Also, living with a Thai woman may not be new for you. For us, especially if we’re young and from the province, it’s all new. Open your mind a bit and be sympathetic.

Maybe you’ve been with bar girls or maybe you’ve been with girls who had different education, standards, or personalities. We’re individuals. IF you want us to like you, respect us.

Conclusion on foreign men understanding women in Phuket

Finding Thai women in Phuket to date is not complicated. Just be honest about what you’re looking for. Dating in Phuket is fun, and this place could give so many special memories, some may last the rest of your life.

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