Dates in Taiwan – Where to Go, How to Do Better

See my related article on dating Taiwanese girls to grasp the bigger picture of doing well with these modern and beautiful women. That one covers how to win her (and her family) over.

This shorter article is a collection of hints on specific things you can do on your dates. I hesitate to call them “tactics,” but just in the same way you wouldn’t start climbing a mountain without a map, gear, and food, it definitely helps to have a plan on your date.

Unless you’re a good-looking guy and/or naturally a good speaker and used to being with girls in Taiwan, these tips will all help.

Share life stories and show your abilities (without bragging)

Be ready to share your valuable life stories and be willing to teach her something. If you’re just good-looking or check the boxes physically, but you have no skills or accomplishments, you may not get far.

A pretty face goes a lot farther with a girl than with a guy. Girls in Taiwan, especially, value men with abilities and potential.

Unlike women in poorer economies like the Philippines and Thailand, your foreign face often isn’t enough. She doesn’t need your money (unless you’re a rich guy). It’s more like in Japan, Hong Kong, or in your own country.

Take an interest in food and drink

Taiwanese girls are basically all foodies. They love to eat food, talk about food, and search for the best food. They’ll be really eager to find foods for you to try. So read up a bit about food in Taiwan. Here’s a great resource.

Know your stinky tofu, tapioca tea, and dong ding.

Tell them if you like spicy food, or noodles, or if there’s a certain type of meat or vegetable you like. If you’re a vegetarian, Taiwan is noted for some remarkable vegetarian restaurants where they very creatively use non-meat-based items.

My own love of food and my past vegetarianism led to a couple of great explorations of Taipei with a couple of young ladies who were excited to show me around.

Set the scene for your data; there’s plenty to choose from in Taiwan

Ideal first dates with Taiwanese girls can be going to an elegant or quirky coffee shop (check this Taipei list) where you can get to know them in a relaxed setting.

Museums, flower fields, anything artistic, cute, or new usually catch Taiwanese girls’ eyes and make them feel some delight. That can rub off on you.

A successful date follows a pleasant dating experience and being creative often helps. Just don’t push it past her personality or Taiwanese culture itself. Nothing too scary or raunchy if she’s a prim, good girl. And they mostly all seem that way, at least to start.

If you know any Taiwanese guys or girls, ask them. Take their suggestions with a grain of salt, because they might suggest touristy things based on stereotypes. But if they’re the type to be straight up with you, you’ll probably get some very good insider tips.

Be considerate and make it easy for her to stay neat and tidy

For first dates especially, don’t put her in any situations that might make her look bad/dirty/messy. Appearance, as mentioned in the other article I wrote on this, is a competition for Taiwanese girls. She’s got to constantly keep her makeup, hair, and clothing as fresh and attractive as when she left her place earlier.

It’s embarrassing for most Taiwanese girls (and basically, girls as a whole) to look bad in front of guys. There are some who are more Westernized and take a more casual approach. And there are tomboys or rebels. But on the whole, the genuine and less-internationalized Taiwanese girls place great pressure on themselves to stay attractive.

An example is that you shouldn’t go anywhere outdoors for long periods on a very hot day or a rainy day (and it rains a lot in Taiwan).

Taiwanese girls usually don’t like to be under the sun or get sweaty (other than during workouts, and then it’s straight to the locker room). They’d also rather not let their shoes go wet and muddy on their first dates.

Those will make them look bad in the moment (dirty shoes) or soon (becoming too tanned).

Choose clean and neat restaurants and eating

And don’t go to restaurants where you have to eat with your hands or eat messy or stinky food. For example, eating shrimp (Taiwan is famous for its seafood) takes a lot of handiwork. It gets your hands greasy and you might have to suck them out of the shell. You might also think twice about a burger joint or taco place, unless it’s a more formal, sit-down experience

Before you plan a restaurant date with a Taiwanese girl, check reviews on Yelp as you’ve always done, or visit Taipei Times for more in-depth.

That said, night markets in Taiwan, though certainly not elegant, make great date spots because you’ll find every type of food under the moon. It’s a mini-adventure and if you really want to go local, she can help you do that.

Do your best to accommodate the culture

Taiwanese women’s thinking and behaviors are still rooted in modern Taiwan’s relatively brief history.

Although sometimes they have deep-rooted thinking and behaviors that are difficult to change, most modern Taiwanese girls have the heart to learn about foreign cultures. She’s more likely to know about the Declaration of Independence or the Church of England than you are likely to know about Chiang Kai-Shek and Confucianism.

To understand more about Taiwanese history and culture, visit Digital Taiwan. This website even has articles describing Taiwanese women in ancient times. And to hear real stories coming out of the mouths of modern Taiwanese girls, go to The News Lens. And be sure to read the other article on here.


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