Where You Can Meet Single Women in Hong Kong

As mentioned in another article on this glorious site, there are nearly 7.5 million people in Hong Kong, so it would seem there are many single women for a Westerner to date. In fact, it’s a bit more complicated that, due to social and cultural pressures, and limitations on girls who’ll date a foreigner. You can still totally do it, though, and that’s OK! So, where can you meet single and available women in Hong Kong if you’re a Westerner, or even another foreigner?

The best places to meet Hong Kong women include: bars and nightclubs, social events and study courses, activity-oriented events, private parties, and out and about in the malls and on the streets.

Hong Kong’s trendy bars and nightclubs

The story here will be familiar to any guy who’s spend some time in bars and nightclubs: loud music, drunk guys, girls looking for fun – be it “just coming to dance” or finding someone to go home with.

Many Hong Kong women looking for foreign men go to the Lan Kwai Fong (LKF) area. This well-established area claims be the hottest and most complete entertainment district in the city. An alternative is the nearby SOHO district. Both LKF and SOHO are close to the main office area on Hong Kong Island and offer an eclectic mix of trendy, pricey bars and clubs. These are very much places for the young or young-at-heart crowds to meet and socialize.

So if it’s your thing, here’s a bunch of places to try (bars come and go, so don’t blame me if they’re gone)

The chances of finding Ms. Right in one of these noisy bars or clubs are relatively low. If you’re aggressive, it’s quite common to meet someone for a short-term fling. However, if this isn’t what you’re aft4er, then just enjoy the bar scene for what it is. Fun, interesting and offering casual meeting places for mainly fleeting friendships. If you’re looking to “get lucky,” then you’ll find the bars and clubs quite a lot like in most major Western cities.

Social events and study courses

Most Hong Kong women enjoy study and aim for self-improvement. So, you’d be well advised  to head to places for where professional Hong Kong women congregate. You can try studying a topic which interests you in a group setting. Actually, studying Chinese (Mandarin or the local dialect, Cantonese) is a good option.

Why? Well, there are number of Hong Kong women looking to learn or improve their Mandarin. Or you may meet overseas born Hong Kong women returning from Canada or Australia. They probably grew up speaking English and now want to learn Cantonese to connect with their roots.

Alternatively, join groups with other people with similar professional qualifications. Such groups may include accounting, real estate, law or the sciences. Most professions have regular get-togethers and it’s easy enough to find details.

Activity events such as hiking, bowling, barbecues

Despite all of their hard work, many Hong Kong women like to enjoy a reasonable  work-life balance. Shopping remains as the favored pastime but let’s ignore that here.  There are other group recreational pursuits you can join which will bring you into contact with single Hong Kong women. You company may in fact organize some of these.

Hiking in one of the beautiful country parks, bowling, or barbecues are high on the list. If you’re lucky enough to be working for a large company with a pleasure boat, put your name down. Join one of those boating weekend days out. These are very popular social gathering grounds for single girls.

Some say Hong Kong women have a reputation as demanding and slightly aloof. But you can’t generalize too much and there are still many single Hong Kong women happy to date foreign men. Just decide what sort of woman is going to suit you best. Then, plan your dating strategy accordingly,

Streets, malls, daily life

Don’t worry, I won’t go all pickup artist on you here. There was a day when it was quite alright for an man to approach an attractive lady in a public area, speak to her respectfully and playfully (it’s called FLIRTING), and if the chemistry was there, they just may see each other again.

That day is still here. Seize it. Cast aside the horror stories and moronic videos you’ve seen on PUA (pickup artist) tactics, some of which are in fact just flirting, and focus on the simple act of not being a creep. Hong Kong is a pretty good place for it, and the assertive women here will appreciate your forwardness if you’re not sweating and smelly. And if you don’t suck the very joy out of their existence.

Sweeping brush here, but you’ll mostly likely encounter:

  • Native Cantonese girls
  • Western-educated or otherwise internationalized girls
  • Foreigners of all types

The native girls may speak little English but they’re more likely to equate your foreign-ness with money, which is fine for starters. They’re real people on the inside, but their views are narrow and they’re formulated of various mixes of media, stereotypes, and what their moms and friends say. It’s fine, it’s an entry point. Gauge their English, learn about them, LISTEN!!!, and see what interests them.

The Western-educated girls can be quite aggressive and ambitious, so you need to be ready to hang in there with subtle insults, banter, and their attempts to weed you out. Be cool, lean back, talk of things you like, don’t get into interview mode and you’ll do fine.

And as for the foreigners, well, some are quite lonely in a foreign land. Other are well aware of their value. Be emotionally intelligent and play it by ear, if you have ears.

In Conclusion

Really, my good man, there are heaps of opportunities for you in Hong Kong. But you need to be aware that this is a drive and ambitious culture. It’s not going to be like the Philippines where your whiteness and a cheesy smile (on a 70-year-old body) are a ticket in. Nor may it be as ultra-PC as in the US or Canada. Don’t be an idiot.

Find a vibe you like, but whatever you do, make sure you keep talking to women. If you don’t, it’s more likely you’ll perv out when you get the chance.


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