Types of Filipino Girls and Where to Take Them on a Date

A date with a Filipina in the Philippines should be relaxed, low-pressure, and make her feel safe.

Many foreign guys spend too much or push too hard. By considering her background, you can find a suitable place and activity whether you’re in Manila, Cebu, or out in the province.

Whether you met them online, spoke in a mall, or were introduced through mutual friends, your choice of date spot says a great deal about you and what you think of her.

And with 3.5% of all marriages in the Philippines between Filipinos and foreigners, your odds would seem quite good.

Consider the different types of Filipina girls you’ll meet. Then you can come up with ideas for activities/venues for your first date. Here’s a guide for you.

Types of girls you’ll date in the Philippines

While dating in the Philippines you will come across a variety of girls all of whom have unique backgrounds. Here we’ll jump into each type of girl you may encounter and what to expect.

Province girls

Most provincial girls you’ll meet in the city have left their hometowns in search of opportunities for more income or they came with a partner.

Typically, they’re less educated than girls from the city and their conversational English may be limited. Even though English is an official language in the Philippines, many Filipinos can speak only a little. This is despite even Filipinos saying that you “don’t have to worry” about English in the Philippines.

It’s true that English, on the whole, is at a higher level than what you’d find in countries like Thailand or Vietnam, but for the majority is far from fluent.

Women from the province are more likely to rely on their natural beauty and be less skilled at getting dolled up and emphasizing their best points. But even if they spend a lot of time barefoot and in very simple surroundings, they’ll somehow always be clean and fresh when they meet up with you.

Province girls tend to live more on the outskirts of the cities because it costs less. When meeting for a first date be sure to ask them their travel time. Especially around Manila, it may be a couple of hours and a series of jeepneys.

City girls

City girls in the Philippines tend to be educated and more Westernized. They typically have above-average English, making it much easier to communicate and discuss different topics.

They tend to dress up more, wear makeup, and generally are more particular with the types of guys they date. Though this isn’t always the case, will depend on their upbringing and socio-economic background.

That said, the only two large cities in the country are Manila and Cebu, and these cities have huge wealth gaps. Girls raised in places like Makati in Manila, or Banawa and parts of Mandaue in Cebu may be used to living in gated communities and being driven everywhere.

Other the complete other hand are very low-income barangay and even slums. Your urban Filipina may be a self-entitled princess or someone who’s always been on the outside looking one. A commonality, though, is a city girl will not be overwhelmed by huge buildings and vast shopping malls, unlike a province girl might.

These all factor into your choice of dating spots and activities.

Dating Filipinas in the Philippines

Divorced or separated, and with children

An overwhelming 86% of the Philippines is Roman Catholic, and divorce among Filipinos is forbidden by law. There are some exceptions when foreigners are involved, but even then, divorce is a difficult and drawn-out process.

Because of this, many women are still married but technically are “separated” from their spouses. With sex education low and birth control hard to come by, many young Filipino men are sexually reckless. And many young Filipinas aren’t skilled at or able to refuse, or have been trained that having a child is a blessing.

Sometimes they get married and sometimes the guy takes off or denies it. You often won’t be told the true and full story.

There are many single mothers under 25 in the Philippines. Some are married and separated, while others have a couple of kids and the fathers are nowhere to be found.

Dinner at a middle-class restaurant or a drink at a rooftop bar may not only wow these women it’ll also give them a bit of a break from the burden of childcare.

Young vs. older

Unlike their Western counterparts, Filipino women are not as concerned about age differences. It’s normal to see a man in his 50s (or older) with a girl in her 20s.

That being said, a very large age gap has the potential for the girl to leave.

While there are many young ladies wanting to meet a foreigner, there are also ladies in their 30s seeking a foreign husband.

The older girls in their 30s you may find are career-driven who have put their love life on hold.

Now they’re looking for long-term companionship and know that their biological clock is ticking. They may not even be after a serious relationship.

With all being said let’s dive into what kind of places and activities you’ll want to do on your first date.

Dating Filipinas in the Philippines

Where to take your date in the Philippines


Choice in restaurants will likely depend on the girl you are dating and on what you yourself like. If they’re a poorer Filipina girl from the province, then something simple is a good start for the first date. Take a province girl to a fancy dinner on a first date and you may overwhelm her.

She’ll feel out of place and/or may also order the whole menu.

Take her to somewhere busy and lively in the Ayala Mall or Robinson’s. Have Western food, Korean, or something ethnic. Pick up the check, of course.

If she’s a middle-class urban Filipina in her 30s, then a more mid-range or fancier establishment would be suitable.


Movies are time-tested as a first date, but they can be awkward if you barely know each other. A movie can be good if you know each other a little already, or if her language is quite low-level.

You’ll be able to enjoy each other’s company while having a laugh or enjoying a romantic love story.

If you’re taking out a middle-class city girl, it’s best to steer clear of cheesy romances because they’re somewhat cliché and may not even interest her. A drama, action flick, or smart comedy may be a better choice. And then you can talk about it later.

Rooftop bars

If you’re looking for somewhere you can get to know your date over a few drinks and some conversation, a good option in the big cities is rooftop bars.

Rooftop bars for dating in the Philippines

This is somewhere where you’re more likely to take a middle-class city girl who grew up in the malls. She’ll feel classy but not out of place.

If you’ve been dating your province girl for a while, then take her to a rooftop bar as a treat. After she’s gotten a bit more use to middle-class things. Then she can feel a bit more comfortable and it’ll be the next level of her adventure.

Food parks

To make things fun and interesting take your date to one of the food parks and sink your teeth into a variety of food.

Food parks are basically like food courts but with a lot more going on, and typically outdoors. There may be music performances. There are sights and sounds so you don’t have to worry about the pressure of making conversation across a table.

These make great first dates especially for province girls because she’ll be able to find things she’s used to. And she can introduce you to Filipino foods. You can also find some of your own foreign preferences and swap insight.

You’ll be sure to stand out from any of the other guys she may have dated in the past.  


Filipinos love their culture and are super-proud patriots at heart. Going on a sightseeing adventure with your date is a great way for them to show this off to you.

Especially in smaller cities and more rural areas, she gets the chance to show you what she knows and to show you off.

Dating in the Philippines – go sightseeing

There’s an endless number of options here for you, but what we recommended is asking the girl to take you around and show you the city herself.

Or you might opt for a guided tour and learn new things together, and you may even be able to impress her with your rich knowledge of Filipino history.

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